Episode 1 - Phantom Thieves: The Flying Squirrels

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  • Drewdirector says:

    Posted 8 months ago
    have you thought about trying this again as a prem-priced set as you mentioned on ANN Cast?
  • Tatsunokolover98 says:

    Posted 9 months ago
    LOL this anime rocks!
  • Tekkamanimefan says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    This looks like it could be a really fun show.
  • GVmanX says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    Well that was a blast.
  • Albadabar says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    I want to see this funded soooo bad. I love Hurricane Polymar!
  • Dudimus Prime says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    I too, love the single set idea. I hope it works out!
  • adamoriley says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    Complete set is a great idea, i have been worried that even if the first set makes it, the second set won't. That being said i did already pledge on other sets regardless. A full set is a sure thing for me though and i love these Tatsunoko shows.
  • Admin says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    The film for the second episode is unfortunately very damaged. Source is R2 DVD masters. I've done some mild color correction but that's about all we can do...
  • Dough_K says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    Was the next episode preview taken from a different source or something? It looked different compared to the rest of the show.
  • chao8971 says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    Pledged on this, I really have been wanting to see the original show after seeing the New Hurricane Polymar OVA and this does not disappoint. Really hoping this will make it.
  • smoothw says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    First episode totally sold me-pledged!
  • newtypezaku says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    Sad to see Tobikage and Tekkaman fail, but I'm gonna keep trying!
  • Luurah says:

    Posted over 1 year ago
    I was NOT expecting this! Hooray for Hurricane Polymar!

Episode Descriptions

When world-class thief Goldar and his gang steal a golden statue of Buddha, they bring the wrath of the international police force down upon them. Bungling wannabe private detective Kuruma Joe tries to beat the professionals to the punch, little knowing that his lackadaisical apprentice Takeshi is secretly the superhero, Hurricane Polymar!

Series Information

Onitora, the director of the International Secret Police Agency, looked forward to making his favorite son Takeshi a top-notch criminal investigator. Takeshi was given Spartan training, which turned him into an all-around sportsman as well as martial arts expert. However, Takeshi's attitude toward crime-fighting was so incompatible with his father's that the furious Onitora disowned him. For a while Takeshi investigated crime as a lone wolf; then he became a private detective's assistant and general handyman. Secretly, however, Takeshi obtained from a scientist a new artificial polymer, polimet, that was far stronger than steel. With this polimet Takeshi transformed himself into Hurricane Polymar, an invincible costumed hero.

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