Episode 1 - The Birth of Yatterman!

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  • animefan7 says:

    Posted 9 months ago
    I always wanted to watch this series! Thanks guys!
  • bonnkansan says:

    Posted 11 months ago
    Heh, you're not the only one!
  • Tellu541 says:

    Posted 11 months ago
    I hate to say it, but I always find myself rooting for the Doronbo Gang.

Episode Descriptions

The Doronbo Gang is after the Skull Rings, which are said to grant wishes when you find them all! But Yatterman is there to try and stop them!

Series Information

Join Gan, his girlfriend Ai, and their all-purpose robot rescue dog Yatterwan, as they strive to foil the plans of the evil Doronbo gang. This gang will do whatever it takes to steal the riches of the world, and especially the Skull Rings, which, if all ten are collected, will give the owner 3 wishes. Team Yatterman fights to make sure this doesn't happen, thereby ensuring peace in the world!

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